Welcome to Our Finesse Collection, an innovative travel service bringing together the most unique and experiential hotels, resorts, and lodges throughout the world! A creation of Country Holidays, an expert in tailored luxury travel experiences, Our Finesse Collection is the result of years of research from our team of passionate and discerning explorers. From family-run guesthouses to secluded beachside retreats, each property provides an immersive and authentic experience coupled with all of the comforts and personal touches of a luxury holiday.

Why You Will Love Our Finesse Collection

  • A handpicked selection of the most exclusive and experiential luxury hotels, resorts, and lodges throughout the world.
  • Endorsed and loved by Country Holidays, an established and trusted travel advisor for over 20 years.
  • Value added services and savings through our strong partnerships with each property
  • Trained and knowledgeable luxury travel experts to handle all of the travel logistics, while you purely enjoy the experience

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